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My Promise to You. I will deliver on improving your quality of life, investing in our City and ensuring development serves the needs of all residents.

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Why Ryan for Tustin Council? 

  • Leverage Our Strengths

  • As a City Planning Commissioner, Ryan Understands City Business

  • Ability to Make Change Actually Happen

  • Proven Leader in Public Works Industry 

  • Vision for Progress

  • Successful Business Owner

Tustin is at a pivotal moment, facing challenging issues ranging from homelessness to affordable housing to a growing number of State mandates to budget challenges.  

We need experienced and proven leaders to work together and make tough decisions. The council members selected in our next election will have a significant impact on the City’s future. We need them to be responsible, capable and focused on the issues that matter most.

As your City Council Member, I will deliver on the following:
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Protect and Improve Our Quality of Life

Tustin’s character and way of life is special. It deserves to be protected and supported. As a City Council member, I will consider the impact on our quality of life with every decision.


Key goals include:

  • Clean streets and sidewalks

  • High-quality, usable open space 

  • Safe parks and schools for our children

  • Exceptional recreational activities and programs

  • Local events that celebrate our community and history

  • Support local businesses and community non-profits

Smart Growth – What is our Legacy?

We need a unified vision for the Tustin Legacy.

At approximately 1,600 acres, the Tustin Legacy represents a significant portion of our City and its future. It has been almost 20 years since the original Legacy-focused General Plan update and development has been slow. We cannot let the next 20 years be the same.  The future of our historic blimp hangars is unclear, land sits vacant and underutilized, and there is no clear vision for the overall development.

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Invest in our Historic Old Town

A flourishing Old Town is a benefit to all residents. 


The City has one of the oldest and most historic “Old Towns” in Orange County and yet the number of visitors remain low.  I will seek to earmark a portion of funds raised through the sale of property at the Tustin Legacy to invest in Old Town.  I will ensure the City works with businesses, property owners and residents to identify the best ways to make this investment in our future.

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