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Iconic Tustin Hangar Destroyed by Fire

As your City Councilman and Tustin Legacy resident, it's with a heavy heart that I acknowledge the significant loss from the fire at the Tustin Legacy north hangar.

As a Tustin Legacy resident I was able to capture this image of the Hangar burning last night.

This iconic civil engineering landmark held a rich history and its destruction is a loss for our community.

However, this tragic event serves as a call to action for us to redouble our efforts in preserving our remaining hangar.

The significance of these structures cannot be overstated, and our commitment to their preservation must be c

onsistent with this understanding.

I am fully dedicated to taking action and working diligently towards this crucial goal.

Together, let's ensure that our heritage and history are protected for generations to come.

Here more from Tustin Mayor Austin Lumbard on the current status.


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